Indian Republic Day 2020: Pledge to make India a healthy Nation

Republic Day 2020
  • The Indian Republic Day is very near, and there are many milestones to be achieved by the country in the upcoming time in the betterment of health in India.
  • Let's know the areas to be improved in healthcare, and we all should make a pledge for betterment of healthcare services in India.
Let's all take the wisest decision of pledging to make India healthy and happy on this Republic Day. The alarming India health stats are enough to alert and motivate us take necessary steps to improve health. As per the latest stats, approximately 80% of the deaths are due to the NCDs (non-communicable diseases) and India has the highest number of diabetics globally.

Health Issues in India
As per the WHO statistics:
  • Deaths due to Non-Communicable Diseases(NCDs) in males under the age of 60 years is 38.0%
  • Deaths due to NCDs in females under the age of 60 years is 32.1%
  • The mortality rate for NCDs like cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc is 781.7 per 100 000 in males and 571.0 per 100 000 in females.

How will India be Healthy and Happy?
Some of the steps to improve health of India are:
  • Prevention health checkup is the easiest way to avoid unpredicted healthcare expenses
  • Timely vaccinations
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the basic standards of health and hygiene
  • The rapid pace of the Indian economy has resulted in lifestyle health issues like stress due to the stretched hours at work, lack of physical exercise, optimum sleep and unhealthy eating habits. Yoga and meditation work wonders in such circumstances.
  • Organizations should understand and take the necessary health and wellness initiatives on priority and strive for a healthy work culture.

Why Need Preventive Health Checkup?
Prevention is definitely better than the cure; simply because a majority of the diseases are preventable. Many conditions can be managed and treated completely with an early detection. Hence, a person should go regularly for a master health check-up to assess the overall health and also to detect the risk factors of diseases.

Health Checkup Benefits
Following are few of the benefits of regular health check-ups:
Is really important for a timely treatment and also for preventing the diseases in its initial stage itself.
Reduced Healthcare Expenses:
Regular health checks assure that we save on the healthcare expenses. In this later stage of the disease, it becomes life-threatening and it has to be controlled by surgical or other advanced treatment options which are comparatively more expensive than the basic price of a regular health checkup.
Reduced Stress:
In today's supremely hectic lifestyle many health issues cause mental as well as physical stress. Lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and mental disorders like depression are on a substantial rise. With the regular health assessments, it is easier for controlling these effectively and save the physical, mental and most importantly the financial stress later.
"This Republic Day, let's all unite for making India healthy."

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