apollo munich is now a part of HDFC ERGO know what will happen to your policy

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Now holders of AMHI policy have become a part of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance.
HDFC has completed the acquisition of 51.25 per cent shares in Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited (AMHI).  Now holders of AMHI policy have become a part of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance.  The number of holders of AMHI's health insurance policy is very high, such people are now worried about their policy what will happen to their policy.  Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited was started on 8 August 2007.  It was a joint venture between Apollo Hospital Group and Munich Health.
AMHI found success in a short time

 AMHI was a large private sector health insurance company.  The company introduced many new things in India, which led to many major changes in the health insurance products in the country.  AMHI became a well-known name due to the company's simple products and any hassle-free settlement process, and in a very short time it sold a large number of health policies.

 On 9 January 2020 AMHI became part of HDFC ERGO.  HDFC is a 51:49 joint venture between ERGO Housing Development and Finance Corporation (HDFC) and ERGO International AG.  ERGO International AG is one of the insurance units of the Munich Re Group.

 What did HDFC EFGO tell the insured?

 In a message to Apollo Munich's insured, HDFC ERGO has assured that no changes will be made to the terms and conditions of the policy, including the process of renewal benefit and claim.

 Anuj Tyagi, Managing Director and CEO of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Limited, has written to Apollo Munich policy holders that this is the beginning of a good journey for them, you will benefit by being part of the HDFC Family and you will experience a better customer experience.  .  In the letter, he also said that the company will soon apply in the National Company Law Tribunal after which HDFC ERGO Health will be merged with HDFC ERGO General.

 OPD health cover is very beneficial, will reduce the burden of treatment expenses

 In this way, the name of the company can be changed even further for the insured owners of Apollo Munich.  However, it is expected that the insured will continue to benefit from simple and innovative products as ERGO is part of the Munich Re Group, which has been behind the specialized insurance products in India.

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