National Epilepsy Day 2019: What To Do If Someone Is Having An Epileptic Fit?

Epilepsy (disease) is directly related to the brain, in which the patient loses his mental balance during the fit. Stiffness in the limbs, trembling of the body and cramps are the main symptoms. 
Around 70 million people worldwide, (that is, 7 crore people) are suffering from epilepsy. Some people think that epilepsy is an infectious disease and it is transmitted by touching. While it is just a myth. Epilepsy is not caused by mental illness or mental weakness.

What to do during an epileptic attack?
  • Do not surround the patient, instead let him/her breath in the fresh air.
  • Place a soft cloth under the patient's head, do not put anything in the patient's mouth at the time of seizures.
  • If the patient is at home, feed them with a doctor's prescribed medicines.
  • Manycases of epilepsycan also be prevented by proper treatment of heart disease, hypertension, infection and other disorders.
Symptoms of epilepsy
  • Fainting anywhere
  • Cramps in the body
  • foam ingress from the mouth
  • keep looking at the same side

Home Remedies for epilepsy
  • Tulsi contains is an anti-oxidant that fixes free radicals in the brain. Eating 20 basil leaves every day declines the severity of the disease. Rubbing the basil leaves on the body benefits the epileptic patient. By mixing (slight) rock salt in the juice of tulsi leaves, and putting 1-1 drops in the nose benefits the epileptic patient.
  • The epilepsy patient should take a diet with more fat and fewer carbohydrates. The epilepsy patient should eat proteins and vitamin-rich foods. A patient suffering from epilepsy should consume Triphala powder with lukewarm water in the morning. Soybean should also be eaten with milk and raw green leafy vegetables. Goat's milk is very beneficial for epileptic patients.
  • The intake of mulberry and grape juice is beneficial for epileptic patients too. Take half a kilo of mulberry and grape juice every morning. Eating gorakhmundi with lemon juice stops epileptic seizures.
  • Pumpkin or petha is the most effective home remedy. The nutrients found in it balance the brain's chemicals, thereby declining the severity of epilepsy. If it does not taste well, you can also add sugar to it.

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